2019 Trends in the Internet of Things

IoT is gradually being absorbed into every aspect of society, from human (and animal) wearables to the cars we drive to the industries that serve us (industrial, healthcare, retail, etc.). While there is still novelty to new technologies and implementations, the collection of IoT markets has adopted a pragmatic, ‘show me the results’ approach to new projects. This extends to how enterprise teams collaborate, where workloads reside, how security is implemented, and how projects are funded and staffed.

In our 2019 Trends in the Internet of Things preview report, we examine five trends impacting the IoT market for the next twelve months. We rate each trend as having either a low, medium or high impact, provide recommendations for players in the market, and predict who the winners and losers will be in the changing IoT landscape.

Download this complimentary report excerpt for a full analysis on the following two trends:

  • Once warring factions, IT and OT teams will make peace
  • Data for data’s sake will return as a point of emphasis