Operating in the digital economy requires not only new business models and processes, but a ‘new model’ workforce as well. As enterprises begin to consider the implications of changing working practices, they are looking to workforce automation technology and digital workplace transformation services to help them. This report examines what IT services offerings are available to achieve those ends.

Digital transformation gets a lot of publicity in the context of technologies and their impact on business models. A corollary of this change is that the modern workforce is experiencing its own transformation: introducing mobility to the workplace, factoring in people working in different time zones and hiring young, digital-native workers. Software bots or digital agents are now joining the mix as well. With the rapid demise of the 9-5 office environment and the rise of freelancers, consultants, part-time workers, remote workers, side hustlers, entrepreneurs and intelligent software, companies are saving significant overhead. The challenge lies in managing this diverse and divergent group of workers (human and non-human) most effectively for the requirements of the digital economy.

Indeed, with the ongoing scarcity of digital talent, hiring for skill will be a losing gamble. Instead, leaders need to seek out well-rounded employees who can learn in the moment to keep up with the pace of today’s evolving marketplace without getting ruffled. This means building a new HR strategy for the liquid enterprise and enabling self-service continuous learning.

The digital landscape is full of unknowns, changes and threats to job security. Employees need to know that employers have a clear digital strategy. They also want to play a meaningful role in the development of that strategy and to be involved in relevant decisions to keep their businesses moving ahead. This requires changes in workplace tooling and in workforce activity and behavior.

This Technology & Business Insight report on how IT services can enable the new model workforce is based on a combination of our analysts' deep experience in the storage industry and current, detailed interviews with storage vendors and end-users spanning a wide variety of vertical applications. The full report includes:

  • Enabling labor for the Liquid Enterprise
  • Transitioning from a digital workplace to digital workforce
  • What to look for from IT service offerings

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