Quantum computing would make a profound impact to society’s viewpoint of what is possible, particularly in scientific fields where problems are simply too vast to solve. But it’s not a panacea, and huge hurdles lie in bringing it to mainstream adoption. However, it is increasingly in the public eye, with big players looking to educate the next generation, and startups receiving speculative funding. Now is the time to experiment and to keep an open mind, but don’t expect miracles anytime soon.

This report takes a look at the current state of quantum computing for a general audience. Quantum computing is a highly mathematical discipline and, unfortunately, our grasp of common sense in the macroworld we live in breaks down in the microworld. Our advice is to suspend preconceptions of what is possible and just accept that at such tiny distances, experiences and potentialities are different. The ‘Theory of Everything,’ which aims to reconcile physics at the macroworld and microworld level, shows this is a problem that isn’t just baffling for normal people, but for physicists too. Our aim is to enable a technology- or business-focused reader to gain a general understanding of the concepts.

This report relies on analogies to simplify the complexities and minutiae of quantum computing. Our representation of quantum computing is practical and utilitarian, intended as a fundamental primer for technology leaders to understand the opportunities and market. By its very definition, the ‘state of the art‘ of quantum computing is constantly iterating and evolving, though for present state, most industries should wait attentively for the right moment to invest capital.

Download this complimentary report excerpt for a full analysis on the following:

  • Introduction to quantum computing
  • Key findings
  • Use cases & success factors
  • List of companies currently developing quantum hardware or systems