In 2017, the total data market had revenue of $89.4bn, of which $30bn was attributable to data management and analytics, according to the latest update from 451 Research’s Total Data: Platforms & Analytics Market Monitor service. The market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3% to reach total revenue of $146.1bn in 2022, driven in part by new approaches to artificial intelligence, including machine learning (ML) and deep learning.

The data management and analytics sectors have evolved rapidly in recent years. New data platforms and new approaches to management and analytics are key drivers to this change; for instance, the management analytics sector emphasizes the benefits of self-service discovery and exploration, and seek to bypass the potential delays inherent in relying on IT staff as the gatekeepers of data.

To address this, we have re-divided the market to reflect the realities of analytics users and use cases today, resulting in a cleaner and more clearly defined categorization that splits the market between analytics platforms and tools, data science platforms and tools, and corporate performance management. In the data management sector, a new category covering ‘data science management’ reflects the growing need for products and services that enable enterprises to take the results of data science experimentation into production with associated management and monitoring.

While the market continues to evolve, the fundamentals remain the same. ‘Data management and analytics’ includes data management and integration technologies used to prepare data for analysis, as well as analytics tools and technologies, such as advanced analytics and machine learning (ML), used to generate insight and value from data. This segment is a subset of the wider data platforms and analytics market, which incorporates the core data platforms – predominantly operational and analytic databases, but also distributed data processing frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark, log management, data grid/cache technologies and event/stream processing.

Data management and analytics is already a large market (with revenue of approximately $30bn in 2017, according to 451 Research’s Total Data: Platforms and Analytics Market Monitor), and it continues to grow, due in part to the current focus on ‘pervasive intelligence’ – the combination of traditional and Internet of Things (IoT) data with big-data storage and processing – as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced analytics approaches.

This Technology & Business Insight report on data management and analytics market map illustrates the evolving market landscape. The full report includes:

  • Data Management and Analytics Overlap: which highlights how analytics and data science platform products incorporating data management and workflow management functionality in addition to core analytics/data science capabilities are merging in some regards as a result of the overlap. 
  • A Restructured Landscape: a complete re-categorization of the analytics market to address the emergence of data science platforms and tools.

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