Business communications are transitioning into an open, software-defined ecosystem that will enable intelligent, communications-enabled workflows for customer and employee interactions. We look at the role that programmable communications will play in this transformation and outline the four key attributes that will define the emerging business communications ecosystem.

The business communications landscape is largely defined by a framework that looks at broad, distinct product categories, including unified communications and contact center solutions. In the last 10 years, the underlying premises for this framework have been increasingly challenged by disruptive models for delivering business communications, such as communications PaaS (CPaaS) and the emergence of mobile messaging and digital channels, which are providing alternatives to traditional business communications for customer engagement and employee productivity and collaboration.

In this report we look at the disruptive nature of cloud communications, serving as a catalyst for digital transformation. We provide an overview of the market and our expectation for how CPaaS will influence the emergence of the software-defined business communications ecosystem, which will provide organizations with new options when it comes to deploying intelligent, secure, communications-enabled workflows and application experiences.

We also introduce our CPaaS Market Monitor, including key players, revenue generation and growth potential, and provide estimates for the size of the aggregate market as well as a growth forecast through 2021.

This Technology & Business Insight report on the evolution of the business communications ecosystem is based on a combination of our analysts' deep experience in the workforce productivity and compliance industry and current, detailed interviews with collaboration and communications vendors and end users spanning a wide variety of vertical applications. The full report includes:

  • The Rise of the Software-Defined Business Communications Ecosystem: this emerging ecosystem will evolve as a platform that will support a wide range of use cases, addressing the communications and collaboration requirements defined by the different types of workers and the nature of their workflows
  • Four Key Attributes in the Software-defined Business Communications Ecosystem: ubiquitously accessible, workflow-defined, intelligent and secure and compliant
  • The Second Era of CPaaS: during this new era - according to current data forecasts - the CPaaS market will grow at a CAGR of 31% in the next five years

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