Artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to revolutionize not only the software industry, but also the way we live, work, learn and play. We examine the use cases and technologies setting the pace in this rapidly evolving space.

Artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning are set to become some of the most transformational technologies in the history of the world, affecting most aspects of our lives whether we’re conscious of it or not. The application of these technologies will likely reshape how people work, study, travel, govern, consume and pursue leisure activities. In turn, that process will almost certainly throw up new ethical, moral, legal and regulatory challenges that have only just started to be discussed.

While potentially transformative, AI technologies are by no means novel, with conceptual and technological lineages going back decades, if not centuries. What is new, especially over the last three to five years, is the integration of machine learning functionality in business environments to improve and automate enterprise processes. The combination of AI and machine learning is no longer a glimmer on the technological horizon, or purely an academic pursuit, but rather a real-world enabling technology, with defined use cases and demonstrated ROI, however modest at this stage.

The reasons for the recent advances in machine learning will not be unfamiliar to those following enterprise technology: the increase in power, availability and flexibility of compute resources, especially in the cloud, the amount and accessibility of digitized data, and improvements in the efficiency and complexity of machine- and deep-learning algorithms are all driving the proliferation of AI. Because there is no reason to believe these underlying drivers will abate, the future will most likely see the continued use and integration of machine learning in the enterprise

This Technology & Business Insight report on the AI and machine learning's current state and future outlook is an aggregation of work by the primary author over the past six months, backed up by almost 20 years of research into AI and machine learning. Reports such as this one represent a holistic perspective on key emerging markets in the enterprise IT space. 

The full report includes:

  • A breakdown of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning.
  • Most recent breakthroughs in this space.
  • The Five Steps to Success with Machine Learning.
  • Best Practices for Applying Machine Learning.

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