Digital transformation is causing businesses to rethink not only the technologies they use, but also their organizational design and patterns of collaboration they support. The demand for more flexible, extensible and purposeful forms of communication is growing, taking enabling technologies out of application silos with growing programmability, voice user interfaces, and AI and machine learning automation.

In our 2020 Trends in Workplace Productivity & Collaboration: Communications, Connectivity and Collaboration Technologies preview report, we examine five trends impacting the communications, connectivity and collaboration industries for the next year. We rate each trend as having either a low, medium or high impact, provide recommendations for players in the market, and predict who the winners and losers will be in the changing communications, connectivity and collaboration technologies landscape.

Download this complimentary report excerpt for a full analysis on the following two trends:
  • High-Value, CrossFunctional Collaboration Across Business Departments Will Continue To Grow
  • Programmability Will Define the Next Generation of Business Communications and Collaboration Technologies