Despite being complex, multi-million-dollar projects, clients expect datacenters to be built within weeks at an ever-lower cost, then to operate without fail as efficiently as possible for years, adapting along the way to technology that hasn’t been invented yet. Facilities must be the right size, in the right location, with the right connectivity. Datacenter vendors and service providers are responding to these challenges by becoming more flexible and adopting new technical approaches, but more change and pressure will test the industry in the years ahead.

In our 2020 Trends in Datacenter Services & Infrastructure preview report, we examine five trends impacting the datacenter services and infrastructure industry for the next year. We rate each trend as having either a low, medium or high impact, provide recommendations for players in the market, and predict who the winners and losers will be in the changing datacenter services and infrastructure landscape.

Download this complimentary report excerpt for a full analysis on the following two trends:
  • M&A Will Continue but There Will Be Fewer Easy Targets
  • Datacenters Will Have To Evolve More Quickly To Keep Up With Technology Changes