The Internet of Things market is maturing from early enthusiasm to specific use cases with tangible benefits. With this maturity has come deeper understanding of which venues are best for specific tasks and workloads, which sensors provide the most benefits, and more approachable development tools for IoT deployments. At the same time, security concerns loom larger than ever, while traditional systems integrators are quickly evolving to become purveyors of outcomes and not technology components.

In our 2020 Trends in IoT preview report, we examine five trends impacting the internet of things for the next year. We rate each trend as having either a low, medium or high impact, provide recommendations for players in the market, and predict who the winners and losers will be in the changing internet of things landscape.

Download this complimentary report excerpt for a full analysis on the following two trends:
  • Successfully Moving IoT Projects to Production Will Require Outcome- Centric Partners
  • No-Code IoT and AI Solutions Will Continue To Evolve To Meet the Needs of Industrial Customers